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YYC Minor Team

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Age categories are listed below, however, movement between age groups will be flexible. Since all age groups will meet on the same dates and times, players will be grouped based on similar skill and age. Below are the age categories and corresponding year of birth.

Minor: Ages 7-12
Major: Ages 9-12
Junior: Ages 12-14
Senior: Ages 13-16
Please note, Little League age determination is based on Dec 31 of the previous year. See the Little League Age Chart for more details


In 2021, we are looking into various options. We currently have diamonds secured on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Dalhousie. We are hoping to add another diamond location in the south. We are also looking into league play and tournament play distiction for those looking to play in the Summer Competitive program.


All players will work on catching, throwing, hitting, base running, and sliding. In addition, players will be encouraged to specialize in either catching or pitching, but can choose to learn both as well. All teams will work with specialized instructors throughout the season.


Game play will progress though out the year based on age and skill of different groups. Players will play 6 vs. 6 games with modified rules. The rules for these games will depend on age group and skill. Please see the rules page for more details.


Festivals weekends will include games and other social events.